Statutory & Tax Audit

Tax Audit


Kinja & Company As a proactive income tax auditors and tax consulting firm, apart from issuing tax audit report required u/s 44AB of income tax act 1961

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Statutory Audit For Companies


Every company incorporated under the companies act 2013 and erstwhile company Act 1956  is required to get its accounts audited by a Chartered Accountant in Practice to ensure true and fair view of the accounts.

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Internal Audit and Concurrent Audit


  • Internal Audit is a management tool.
  • Concurrent audit involves the examination of financial transactions 

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Management Audit


involves the analysis and assessment of competencies and capabilities of a company’s management

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VAT and Service Tax Audit


Value added tax (VAT) and service tax are the most significant indirect taxes that every business entity encounters in the course of doing business.

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