Entry India Services


Entry Strategy & Business Set-up:

 The  Foreign Exchange Management Act, 1999 allows foreign entities to set up  business operations in India. The entry strategy may be decided upon,  depending on the nature of operations that are intended to be carried on  in India. A foreign entity may thus set up business in India, either in  the form of :     

  • Liaison Office
  • Branch Office
  • Project Office
  • Wholly Owned Subsidiary ; or
  • Joint Venture Company

We  assist foreign entities set-up business in India by providing advisory  services on entry strategies and also managing the setting up of the  business entity in India, all through to bring the entity to the stage  where business operations may be commenced. 

Post Incorporation Registrations:

Post  the incorporation of a business entity in India, compliances under  several laws and regulations prevailing in the country are to be met.  This places the onus of responsibility on the business entity to comply  with such laws. We render end to end services in this regard. Such  services consist of the following:    

  • Obtaining registration under the various statutes applicable
  • Maintenance of statutory records and registers
  • Generation of periodic reports and filing the same with the relevant authorities
  • Other compliance management services

FDI Advisory Services

The  fast and steadily growing economy of India has made India one of the  most famous and popular destinations in the world for Foreign Direct  Investment[FDI]. The government of India thus allows for FDI in India in  almost all sectors except a very few. Sectoral caps have been fixed for  certain sectors such as telecommunication, insurance, etc, whereas 100%  FDI is allowed into most other sectors. FDI in India can be made under two routes –    

  • Automatic Route; or
  • Approval route

FDI  under automatic route is now allowed in all sectors, including the  service sector. On the other hand, approval of the RBI is to be obtained  in the case of sectors not covered under the automatic route. We assist  in foreign direct investments into India under both routes. 

RBI and FIPB Compliance MGMT


As  per the Foreign Exchange Management Act, 1999 foreign entities that  have set up businesses in India are to file certain documents with the  RBI periodically. We provide advisory as well as compliance management  services in this regard.

Secondly,  where the foreign direct investment is made through the approval route,  certain documents are to be furnished to the Foreign Investment  Promotion Board periodically. Kinja & Company assists in meeting  such compliances as well.

Accounting and Payroll Services

Kinja & Company offers back  office management services such as accounting and payroll processing to  entities that have set up businesses in India. It encompasses design, implementation and  review of accounting manuals, advice on various accounting issues  including those related to Indian GAAPs, international GAAPs and US  GAAPs. In addition, the firm also provides other related services such  as payment uploading, etc.