Corporate Advisory Services

Due Diligence

Due diligence is highly imperative to any form of corporate restructuring. A due diligence precedes corporate restructuring, be it internal reconstruction, mergers or acquisitions. It may also be required in cases of venture capital funding, lending, public offerings or in cases where the management desires a voluntary due diligence of one’s enterprise.

Our team works in an objective manner to critically evaluate the concerned enterprise from a commercial, strategic and operational perspective in order to bring out any deviations. Recommendations are then made based on our findings, so as to assist in prudent decisions making.

The due diligence by our team of experts shall be conducted primarily on financial, commercial, operational, legal, tax, IT, management, environment and market considerations, these being the key areas of concern.

Business Valuation

Business valuations and credit ratings have become the order of the day, as in the present scenario, enterprises are constantly scouting for opportunities to grow, expand and compete on a global level. Enterprises interested in going in for mergers and acquisitions, foreign investments and collaboration or private equity funding invariably require their businesses to be valued. Also, SME IPOs are picking up pace in India, necessitating business valuations and credit ratings of the issuers.

Our team of experts offer to ascertain the true value of the business or shares of the client by adopting well recognized valuation methods and models such as Discounted free cash flow method, Price earning capitalization method, Gordon growth model and capital asset pricing model.

Project Report and Loan Syndication

Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) in India have a great need for professional support for financing their projects. The viability of the project, nature of funding, quantum of funding, terms and conditions of sanction and the type of financial institution to approach are issues that the business enterprises grapple with.

We undertake to provide professional support to these enterprises in showcasing their value to the banks and financial institutions and bring together the lenders and enterprises.

Business Plan and Equity Syndication

Our hands-on experience in the industry has revealed startling facts – one of them being that many private players in the industry are on the lookout for equity funding as they prefer equity as compared to debt!

A widespread problem of the SMEs has been that there are not many platforms available for them to pitch their ideas to investors.

This is where we come in! We offer the following services in this regard –

  • Angel Funding
  • Private Equity Funding
  • Drawing up business plan
  • Providing a forum for investors and investees
  • Handholding the enterprise throughout the entire process

Corporate Training

We offer corporate training services in the various areas such as indirect taxation, labour laws, wealth management, annual budgets, tax planning and several other contemporary topics.

Our training modules have been developed by professionals with vast experience in corporate training. The modules are developed in a flexible manner so that they can be modified appropriately to suit the needs of your organization.